friv – Today’s update for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition will add several new features, tanks, and weather effects.

The seven new tank destroyers include the M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T25/2, T28 Prototype, T30, T110E4. In addition, a few Soviet Premium Tanks like the Valentine II, Matilda IV, IS-6, SU-122-44, and Churchill III are now available as well.

Update 1.2 also adds two new battle arenas, Fisherman’s Bay and Abbey Courtyard. Here are some more details about the two maps:

  • Fisherman’s Bay: Take advantage of excellent ambush opportunities with sloping hills covered in bushes, plus a combination of open spaces and irregular terrain.
  • Abbey: Find the abbey’s courtyard at the highest point on the hill and explore three roads that allow passage from the north and south.

The update also includes a weather variant system, so now you’ll be able to play on every map in rain, snow, and at night. A fresh batch of Tank package upgrades with a variety of guns and Xbox Live Achievements have also been introduced.

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